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We are based at the prestigious Huddleston Quarry, which produced world renowned magnesium limestone, supplying stone for York Minster as far back as 1434.

Huddleston Quarry provided stone for the building of York Minster after 1385. During the 15th century the quarry also provided building material for the royal house at Sheen, Surrey, Westminster Abbey, Eton College and King's College, Cambridge, aswell as much of the surrounding areas. 

We are proud of the Quarry's steep history and believe that the bloods, sweat, tears and love given by the Quarry's people of the centuries, is what gives the property the most happy and peaceful feel. Something which we feel the horses now residing here benefit from

Yorkshire Equestrian Centre, offers horses a 'home' not just a stable and field, where our Clients and horses become part of our YEC family. 

We continously strive to improve the centre to remain one of the leading yards in the area. We never rest on our laurels, always looking for ways to offer our clients more and more.

We have a great team of of passionate caring dedicated staff, who treat every horse as their own.


Phone - 07748 11 55 88

Livery 24/7

Riding School 10am - 8pm  

Email livery@yorkshireec.co.uk


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Laith Staid Lane

South Milford


LS25 6JX

Opening Times

Livery 24 / 7

Riding Centre

Tues & Thurs 12-7pm

Sat & Sun 8.30-5.00pm

Wed & Fri TBC

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Yorkshire Equestrian Centre (YEC) is owned and run by Gemma Womersley. YEC is a Licensed Riding School run under the Riding Establishments Act 1964 & 1970 with the Selby District Council. LN/000006729