A New Norm... in the days of Covid-19

Whilst we are all glad to be seeing a glimmer of hope that life is starting to get back to normal, we are not there quite yet.
We have undertaken all the necessary authority and insurance checks and put in place extra protocols to help protect our clients and visitors from the risk of Covid-19. Do familiarise yourself with our new policies.

Riding Lessons are ONLY available for those who have their own horses.

Competitions will be restarting on 30 March. Please be aware that there have been some tweaks to our Event dates for the remainder of the 2021 season. All events for the foreseeable future will be strictly pre-entry only. However, we do have a great withdrawal and refund policy to help make up for that.

Please be aware that we are still very much adhering to our vaccination policy for Flu. All attending horses must have completed the primary course or had their annual booster. We do continue to recommend that you vaccinate at 6 month intervals as per Veterinary Guidance, but access IS PERMITTED with just annuals.

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Take the chance to view the aerial photo of our new norm route and zone areas

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