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All visiting horses must be vaccinated for Equine Flu as a minimum. 

  • We require that they had their 2nd primary vaccine 7 days prior to visiting or have had an annual booster. 
    We recommend that horses are given a booster every 6 months

  • Passports must accompany each horse. Any horse without a passport will not be permitted onto the premises and as of 1 Aug 21 random checks will be made on passports

Owners and riders are responsible for ensuring your horse is in normal temperature ranges, shows no signs of ill health, coughing, nasal discharge or lethargic behaviour. 

Please be sensible with your own show day Bio Security, do not touch or stroke other horses. Avoid direct interaction with other horses.

Do not allow muzzle to muzzle contact with other horses.

We have hand sanitiser stations located throughout the premises.

Please do not access the livery Yard without Permission for the Show Office.

All horses residing at Y.E.C are fully Vaccinated for Equine Flu/Tet and Strangles

Thankyou for helping us to do our best to keep horses safe - Yorkshire EC



In addition to our general terms and conditions. Dressage events will run under the following:

BD rules will be used as guidelines.
All tack and equipment must comply with BD rules unless the Class is listed as a special such as Bareback Challenges, Bitless etc.
Anyone not complying with legal tack will be eliminated or with special permission be allowed as a HC ride. No entry fee will be refunded.
Horses are allowed to enter a maximum of 3 tests. No horse can enter the same class twice unless the 2nd entry is H/C.


Callers are permitted. They must read out only the test and not coach or assist the competitor in any other way.



Competitors must ensure that they are eligible for entry. 

We currently hold qualifiers for the Trailblazers Championships, Sunshine Tour. Members partaking in ROR, Side-Saddle, Native Qualifiers are welcome to bring their qualifier sheets for signing off proof of results. 

Winter / Sumers Points Series. 
Points are based on combinations, and cannot be carried over or swapped with different riders on the same horse, or if a junior moves to seniors. 
At the end of the series, there must be a minimum of 3 combinations per test level (Intro, Prelim etc) over a minimum of 2 events to receive prizes. 


Pick your Times events: Competitors should leave a LARGE A4 SAE for each test if they wish to receive any rosettes. Small SAE is sufficient for score sheets only. Competitors can post an SAE to the centre within ONE week after the event. 
Competitors may also collect their sheets and rosettes at the next dressage event. After which, they will be shredded/forfeited.

Class Order events: Results and prizes will be available after each class. Where mounted prize-giving takes place, this will be listed when the times are published. All sheets and prizes not collected on the day will not be saved.