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Throughout 2021 we have been conducting an online survey and...



Of our competitors said they found our venue to have fantastic, brilliant, immaculate, top class and impressive facilities


Of our visitors and competitors described our staff as friendly, professional and helpful.


Of our customers said our Event Cafe was great value, excellent food with a great choice of options including gluten and dairy free.

Upcoming Events

    30 Oct, 12:00
    Yorkshire EC, Laith Staid Ln, Leeds LS25, UK
    Best Halloween Dress Prizes! Starting 11am ✔️Relaxed, fun and friendly venue ✔️Casual or Show Attire ✔️Clear Round 50cm ✔️Classes 50 / 60 / 70 / Pairs @75cm / 80 / 90 / 1-1.05m


To view the upcoming events and their schedules, click on the link.
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We run a mixture of training shows and competitions both on weekday afternoons/evenings and daytime weekends.
Check out the Event Diary above for dates and schedules

A mixed course consisting of 8 Showjumps and 8 Show Cross fences.
The course is timed after fence 2 until after fence 16, with Optimum Time being the format.

0.4-time penalties are given for each second that the rider is too fast or slow.

4 penalties are given for a knockdown, refusal or cross of the track.

3 refusals, fall or wrong course, is an elimination. 

We run classes from 65-95cm.
The optimum time is announced before each class.

Riders may choose to wear XC or SJ attire. Body protectors are recommended but not compulsory. 



We run a mixture of training days, evening, afternoon and daytime SJ events both through the week and weekends.

Check out the Event Diary above for dates and schedules

A course consisting of 9-14 Showjumps.

We run classes from 45cm -1.15m, some have special classes such as our BareBack Challenge at 75cm,
and Take Your Lines or even Pairs!

Fillers are generally placed at the side of fences in the smaller classes and are usually fully 'under' by 75/80cm classes.

Most events will run a single phase track but 2 phase can be run when appropriate.

The format will be announced at course walk. 



You can find the events test's on the schedule page from the Event Diary above.

Tests are all ridden in the Quarry Arena in a 20x40 enclosed short arena. 
Levels from Intro to Elementary.


Some events see BD/BE, and YEC Tests held along with specials such as freestyles and Music tests from time to time.

Callers must be booked in advance, and you must state which test you require calling when completing your entry. 


Times will be published on the Friday before an event. 


Winter Dressage Series for Intro, Prelim, Novice and Elementary Levels.

Ride a YEC test from Sep through to Mar 22 and gain points depending on your placing. The Series Winners will take home a Trophy, Saddlepad and HUGE rosette!



You can find the events test's at the bottom of the schedule page from the Event Diary above.

iIn each class, all riders run twice, one straight after the other. 45seconds are given in between the rounds. Riders must wait for the bell and ensure they go through the start and finish gates.

Times from both runs will be added together and divided by 2 to determine the average time.

Rider's can choose to run a left hand run or a right hand one.

Knocking down a barrel adds 5 seconds to time, riders must not touch a barrel to stop it falling over.

No time penalties will be added,  If a barrel is knocked but does not fall over.  
Knocking 3 barrels = the run will not be counted (eliminated).
The fastest time wins. 
No excessive use of whip or aids - excessive use may incur disqualification at the judge’s discretion. 


Riders can enter as many times as they wish on different horse but each horse must only enter once per class, i.e no horse sharing in class.

No restrictions on horse or pony heights, just horse and rider a sensible match. 

Current Standard hats must be worn.
Western style hats must not be worn whilst mounted. English or western tack.
Dress code; Western style attire preferred must all riders must be smartly dressed. 

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