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Our beautiful equestrian event venue is unique, historic, and something for us to be proud of. We have a range of event and equestrian facilities, including a large outdoor arena that is perfect for any occasion. Our facility is surrounded by woodland, and offers a beautiful backdrop for all of your celebrations. We also have a variety of amenities such as a event kitchen, and rustic meeting areas. Our equestrian facilities ensure that you can give your horse top class care, all purpose built, and always maintained to a high standard, ensuring that you can totally relax, enjoy your horse and everything that the centre has to offer.  We're sure you'll love it!

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Huddleston Quarry, the base of Yorkshire EC, produced world-renowned magnesium limestone, supplying stone for York Minster as far back as 1434.  The quarry provided stone for the building of York Minster after 1385. During the 15th century, the quarry also provided building material for the royal house at Sheen, Surrey, Westminster Abbey, Eton College and King's College, Cambridge, and much of the surrounding local areas. 

Our Quarry's steep history, along with the blood, sweat, tears and love given by the Quarry's people of the centuries, we believe is what creates the happiest and peaceful feel at the property. Something which we believe the horses thrive upon.


The owners of Yorkshire EC have loved and nurtured the centre, turning the property from a run down livery yard and riding school into the busy place it is today, with the sole goal of recreating the place where you are free to escape from the modern world, make memories with our horses and loved ones. 

train & hire

A perfect space to compete, train, venue hire and use its facilities. We are proud to showcase our facilities and invite you to read more about them.

We have an range of competition facilities that are fully functioning throughout the year.

All our arenas have non waxed sand and fibre surfaces from Fibrelok and have extensive lighting allowing us to ride whatever the time.
Each arena has its own irrigation system, are regularly harrowed and complete surface turn to keep them riding at peak performance. 

We have PA and Music System fitted throughout the centre, along with Dark Deer Timing equipment.

We have a floodlit, large hardstanding parking area for boxes and trailers. 

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The arena measures approx 20 x 40m
There are training mirrors and jumping equipment available. A heated viewing gallery overlooking the arena too.

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Quarry Outdoor Arena

The arena measures approx 60 x 45m
There is a sheltered viewing area with seating over looking the arena and horse holding area

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Course Hire

Full BS spec competition courses are available regularly. 
Vibrant and easy to use Jump For Joy equipment.

Courses generally include, wavy planks, plenty of fillers, skinnies and water trays. 


Arena Eventing
Course Hire

A mixture of our Jump For Joy showjumps followed by a variety of working hunter and portable cross country jumps. The course involves some related distances, challenging combinations and longer flowing lines. Overall, the perfect preparation for Showjumping, Cross Country and Eventing competitions!

Availability for these hires are usually before or after Arena Eventing competition date only

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Event Stabling

You can book a day stable for during an event or even overnight if you wish to link two competitions, or just not have an early start, and arrive the day before. 
Stable sizes are;
Standard: 3.7m x 2.6m
Large: 4.5m x 3m
Extra Large: 3.8 x 4.2m - 4.5m x 5m


Our Team.

Day to day Gemma, our Managing Director keeps the centre running from providing the horses’ with 24/7 care to the maintenance of our facilities and the event organisation. Keeping everything running smoothly on event days she is supported by a truly great bunch of people, often liveries, who love opening up the centre to our visitors and competitions. Our volunteers really do give so much more than just their time to ensure that they do everything possible to give you a great experience. 

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 We regularly welcome new members to the team on a volunteer basis; sometimes, we have people wanting to gain experience on a yard or learning how running an equestrian event works, perhaps writing and scoring for a judge at one of our competitions.

So, if you are a friendly, hard-working team player who would like to meet, train and work alongside like-minded folk, drop us an email or text, and we will be in touch!

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