Pound for Pound Charity Series in
association with Barclays Bank

We will be hosting a range of fun classes in all of our disciplines including a ‘dressage to music and take your own line SJ class’ these will be slotted into current schedules with plenty of notice.

This series became particularly close to our heart when Jill and Anya our Entries and GateLady duo sadly lost their beloved Husband and Father Phil in January to Cancer.

The help that the Macmillan teams gave them all was amazing and as this despicable disease has sadly touched so many lives we felt it was something we should support. 
Anya has wrote a few word about her dad and Macmillan, click here to read



We also are supporting an equine charity - Prince Fluffy Kareem (UK-registered charity 1156400).


PFK is a small, action-oriented group of people working to help horses, donkeys and camels by the pyramids in Cairo, Egypt.

We have been following them for a while now and their fantastic work as really touched Team YEC.

We would love to give them a boost and any extra awareness we can offer.Find out more about them here…https://www.princefluffykareem.co.uk

Dates these classes will be running will be confirmed will sufficient notice.

Entry Fees and Prizes

Each class over all disciplines will have a £15 entry fee which will be broken down as follows.
£5 Will go to charity and matched by Barclays Bank (£10 per entry to charity)
£5 Will go to the Prize fund and the Winner of each class takes all. (Rosettes still to 6th)
£5 Will go to running costs.

Barrel Racing

The Slo-go Run.

Two runs, the average slowest time wins!
Must be ridden in trot. Knocking a barrel or breaking gait deducts 5 seconds from your time.

Basically Barrel Racing rules reversed!

ShowCross and Showjumping Charity Classes:


Take your own line

Jump all fences once in which order you choose, the fastest time wins.

Dressage Classes

Will include Freestyle Dressage to Music


Tests will be made public shortly

All tests will be ridden in 20m x 40m.
If you need a copy of the test sheets contact us. 


Please show your support wherever you can. It really does go a long way.


Team YEC, Barclays Bank, Macmillan and Prince Fluffy Kareem



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