Unaffiliated Showjumping

Classes are jumped in our 60mx45m 'Quarry Arena' with it's fantastic All-weather Fibrelok Sports Surface.

We offer plenty of warm up and cool down areas.

Food and Drink available throughout the day.


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Bio Security for all visiting horses

All visiting horses must be vaccinated for Equine Flu as a minimum.

  • We require that they had their 2nd primary vaccine 7 days prior to visiting or have had an annual booster. 
    We recommend that horses are given a booster every 6 months

  • Passports must accompany each horse. Any horse without a passport will not be permitted onto the premises.

  • Passports will need to be shown at the time of entry and random ID checks will be made.

Owners and riders are responsible for ensuring your horse is in normal temperature ranges, shows no signs of ill health, coughing, nasal discharge or lethargic behaviour. 

Please be sensible with your own show day Bio Security, do not touch or stroke other horses. Avoid direct interaction with other horses.

Do not allow muzzle to muzzle contact with other horses.

We have hand sanitiser stations located throughout the premises.

Please do not access the livery Yard without Permission for the Show Office.

All horses residing at Y.E.C are fully Vaccinated for Equine Flu/Tet and Strangles

Thankyou for helping us to do our best to keep horses safe - Yorkshire EC

Picture 1.png
Picture 1.png

Yorkshire EC SJ Prize Giving Ratios for Combined and Split Sections



65cm class
There are 7 horses and 3 ponies.
The class would not be split as there are less than 11 entries. (see Table A)

75cm class
There are 13 ponies and 6 horses.
The class would be split, both sections receiving rosettes. Ponies would receive prize money to 2nd place (Table B) and horses to 1st (Table C)


85cm class
There are 6 horses and 5 ponies. The class would be split as there are 11 entries. Only horses would receive prizes money. Both sections would receive rosettes.

Rosettes will always be to 6th regardless of entries, if the results allow.


Health and Safety and Entry Conditions

No responsibility will be accepted by the organisers for anything that may happen to competitors, onlookers or their property, helpers or horses in connection with or arising out of this show. It shall be considered a condition of entry that each entrant agrees to indemnify the promoters against any legal action arising therefrom

The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry and to amend the details of the schedule if the programme requires and to cancel any class with insufficient entries.

  1. ALL cash prizes and qualification cards must be collected from the show office on the day. We will not hold them after the day and will be forfeited if not collected. 

  2. Correct show attire must be worn. ie light coloured jodphurs or breeches, show or hacking jacket. Competition boots or chaps, no yard/country style boots). Riding hats must comply with current safety standards. Body protectors are preferred but not compulsory. Long hair must be tied up securely.

  3. Competition run under BS/BE/BD rules as guidelines. Horses may compete in a maximum of 3 classes.

  4. Ponies are 148cm and under, horses over 148cm. Juniors are 16yrs and under, Seniors 17yrs and over. Seniors are welcome to compete on a pony in any class so long as the combination is a suitable match. Juniors over the age of 12 may compete on horses again so long as the combination is a suitable match. If the Judge deems the match is unsuitable then the Competitor will not be allowed to compete. If the class is held as a qualifier the qualification will be allocated to the appropriate section, i.e Senior on a pony.

  5. All horses must have completed the primary course 7 days before the event for Equine Flu or have had an booster. The horse must be deemed fit and sound to compete. The Centre reserves the right to not allow a horse thought unfit or unsound to compete, entries will not be refunded. Any horse not vaccinated to our policy will not be permitted entry to the premises.

  6. Young horses, horses known to kick and stallions must wear appropriate ribbons in their tails. 

  7. All Competitors must have third party insurance for their rides.

  8. Stallions must be clearly identified, have public liability insurance and be handled and or ridden by a responsible adult not child at all times.

  9.  Whips must not exceed 45cm.

  10. All riders must be on time to compete.

  11. If you choose to compete, you do so entirely at your own risk. All competitors are strongly advised to arrive in good time and walk the course appropriately. You must ensure that you are competing at a level suitable for your riding ability and your horse's. If you are not sure, don't compete. Training events and arena hire is available as an alternative. 

  12. No outside help is permitted whilst competing in your round.

  13. Please use the Centre and facilities with politeness for others and to staff, no bullying or abuse will be tolerated and the organisers reserve to right to refuse entry to the Centre or ask any persons to leave the centre immediately if such behaviour is shown.

  14. Competitors are asked to act kindly to their horses, grooms and fellow competitors.
    Anyone displaying poor sportsmanship behaviour maybe asked to leave.

  15. No horses must be left unattended tied up to the side of trailers or horseboxes.

  16. Please pick up litter and place in the bins provided and keep the parking area as free from hay and droppings as possible. There is a muck barrow for your use near the parking gate.

  17. All entries booked and not taken must be paid for – no entries will be refunded unless the class is cancelled.

  18. Please keep all dogs on a lead and clean up after them. Any dog causing disruption will be asked to leave.

  19. The decision of the judge will be final – any objection should be made to the Secretary, together with a deposit of £20 which will be forfeited if the objection is not upheld by the Organisers.

  20. All spectator or grooms vehicles must be parked in the designated area and NOT with the horseboxes and trailers.

  21. The arena and obstacles are available for inspection before each class, competitors must ensure they are suitably competent to compete in the class. We accept no Liability for any issue, injury or compensation in any instance where an issue or concern has not been put in writing to the Judge before the class starts. If you choose to compete then you are accepting the arena and obstacle conditions. 

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