Spillers Feeds Weighing days

Yorkshire EC and Spillers Feeds have teamed up to provide competitors a fantastic chance to give their horses a nutritional once over in a 'drop in' style.


"Bringing the weigh bridge to Yorkshire Equestrian Centre allows us to see lots of new face/horses, giving you the opportunity to receive dietary information for your horse and also hear more about how we can bring the weigh bridge to your yard for free!"Georgina Gatehouse - Spillers Feeds

"Team YEC have fed their horses on Spillers Feeds for over 20 years, the quality, range and availability of their products have helped our horses keep in tip top condition year round. We are delighted to host Spillers and their Nutritionalists and provide our riders with expert advice and an insight into their horses diet in such an easy, hassle free way." Gemma Womersley - Owner Yorkshire EC

Competing at Yorkshire EC? Want some advice on feeding your horse?

Spillers Feeds will be dropping into YEC for the day at several events this season,
armed with a huge knowledge base and a weigh bridge it's the perfect opportunity to have a once over whilst waiting for your class or even once you've finished for the day.

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