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At Yorkshire EC, we love our furry companions and know how important it is for them to have a safe and fun place to play. With ongoing construction works at the popular dog hot spot on Laith Staid Lane, we have opened one of our secure paddocks as a temporary dog park, to allow locals to still use the area to let their dogs play. With plenty of toys, and shelter for owners, you can book a spot online for your furry friend at our new facility!


Yorkshire Equestrian Centre Dog Park Site Rules, Terms and Conditions By booking the dog park facility you are agreeing to the terms and conditions shown on this page – Please read carefully before booking. Booking and Cancellations All bookings are to be made only through the website. Bookings are not available through any other source. Payment must be made on the website at the time of booking by credit/debit card. 
All bookings MUST to be made prior to arrival. You need to ensure that your session in YEC Dog Park allows you enough time to drive into the dog field, unload your dog(s). Use the field and then load your dog(s) back into your vehicle and drive off site ALL within your allocated hour time slot. This slot includes the time to unload, open and close gates etc also to load up, gather poo, tidy up and leave the field. The slot is not just for use of the field.  The field hire is by appointment only and you have exclusive use of the field, so there are no other people or dogs inside the field while you are using the field. You can reschedule your appointments on our website right the way up to 12 hours before your appointment time so we advise people that rescheduling an appointment is a better option than cancelling. You can book up to 2 weeks ahead. If you want to book further ahead.  If you decide to cut your appointment short or do not turn up you will still be charged for the full session booked. Bookings are non-transferable. The person making the booking must be present and must ensure that anyone else attending is made aware of and adheres to the Terms & Conditions. Refunds & Cancellation Policy Cancellation Policy – If the user arrives late, the booking time cannot be extended. 24 hrs notice is required for any cancellations. Refunds can only be given if we have over 24 hours’ notice. If you make a booking and then need to cancel it for any reason. You can do this using the website booking system anytime over 24 hours in advance of the start time of your session. Your session will automatically be refunded back to your booking account, minus any booking fees. Weather

We are an outdoor site and bookings can be made regardless of the weather. If weather would affect your decision to use the park, please aim to make your booking off your own weather checks. British weather would not be a fundamental reason to request a refund outside of our cancellation policy. Occasionally we may have standing water after heavy rainfall, but the field has good drainage, and we have a shelter for owners too in the park.   Onsite Once you have arrived and driven into the dog park, you MUST close main site gate behind you when entering and then again when exiting. Parking is provided within the dog park on grass. This is sign posted. Please do not park elsewhere on site.  Do not enter the dog park or unload your dog(s) until all other dog park customers are off site. The field will be used by some reactive/nervous dogs therefore there should only be one customer booking with their dog(s) on site per session.  If you arrive early and see a car in the dog park or somebody using the field please remain outside the Dog Park do not enter the field.  If you arrive for your allocated booked session and there is another customer in the Dog Park who doesn’t seem to be leaving the field, then please call 07748115588. Vehicles must be parked in the designated car parking area within the dog park all vehicles and contents are left at your own risk. If you arriving by foot your dog must be kept on a lead until inside the dog park with the gate shut. This is an absolute MUST as there are horses on site. Never leave your dogs unattended in the dog park, if you need to leave the dog park take your dog(s) with you. Please do not let your dog’s dig in the dog park.  The hirer must bring their own poo bags and pick up ALL dog poop after their dog(s). Please take away all your waste with you. You MUST remove your dog poo bags before leaving the premises. The field must be left tidy after use for the next person(s) to use it. General Information, plus Do’s and Don’ts No smoking in the dog park at any time.   Unfortunately, there are no toilet facilities available for use at the Dog Park.  No litter is to be left in the field as this presents a risk to users and their dogs. The hirer must take away all their rubbish.  There is access to a freshwater trough in the Dog Park for your dogs to drink from.  Know your dog, if they are difficult to get back on a lead allow plenty of time before the end of your session to put them on. Not being able to get a dog on a lead is no excuse for running into someone else’s time. If you arrived late to your appointment, you must still leave when your appointment slot is finished. Anybody who overstays their session repeatedly will be banned from the field.  Any owners who cannot get their dogs back at the end of their session must notify management immediately please call 07748115588. In this case any additional sessions must be paid for. Health and Safety Dogs must be wormed and up to date with vaccinations. Do not bring your dogs to the park when they are ill. We make no checks on vaccination status of the dogs of other field users so treat it as any open public space with the same risks to your dogs. Equally the same applies for natural issues such as ticks and grass seeds. Please bear in mind that if it is dark, then you will be exercising your dogs in the dark. We do not have floodlights in the dog park.   Please ensure suitable clothing and footwear are worn. This is a field and may be muddy. Children are welcomed in the Park but must be supervised at all times by an adult. When not in the secure area dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. Users must inspect the field to ensure that it is suitable for use by their dog(s). * Appropriate fence height?
 * Proximity to other animals?
 * Proximity to road? 
 * Could my dog jump the 4ft fence/hedge?
 Users to be aware that there are horses in the adjacent paddocks. Disclaimer: No responsibility will be taken by the landowner or management for damage, injury, misadventure, or damage sustained to persons, property, or animals whilst using the dog park or on the property. The Owner(s)/Supervisor(s) of the dog(s) use Yorkshire EC Dog Park and associated areas at their own risk.   All vehicles parked on the property are left entirely at their owner’s risk. No responsibility for damage or accidents will be taken by our business.  The Park has a minium 4ft, Deer/Stock/Horse net fencing and natural hedge boundry so once the gates are closed behind you, you can let your dogs off the lead safely but not until the gates is closed. It is your responsibility to close the gates properly. Any breakages or damage to the field will be paid for by the dog’s owner. We inspect the field and fencing regularly to maintain security, but please inform management if you have any concerns. Access to our adjacent Woodland is strictly prohibited without written consent from the management. Code of Ethics – Choke chains, prong collars and electronic devices are not allowed. Harsh handling of dogs, either verbal or physical is not allowed.    Commercial or Group Bookings If you are a dog trainer or walker wanting to book the dog park to work with clients dogs please contact us prior to booking. There are particular rules for dog trainers or walkers that we need to go through with you first. If you are dog walker or trainer and are using YEC Dog Park you must hold your own insurance to cover you for either dog walking or dog training.   No sub-letting of the field is allowed. Anyone wanting to hire it on a professional basis can do so with the management’s permission. In line with the GDPR data protection law, all the data you provide to this company to use the secure field is given by your consent and is of legitimate interest so you can receive entry codes and access. It is also vital to have two contact details so we can reach in an emergency, such as a field closure or sudden code change. Your information is never shared or used in this businesses marketing without your written consent. Contents of any texts and emails are kept to keep track of your purchase history. You can request this information or deletion at any time by contacting the management via

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Laith Staid Lane, Huddleston, South Milford, Leeds, LS25 6JX


07748 11 55 88

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You can find us just after the Railway bridge on Laith Staid Lane (behind the Church, from SirJohn's Lane).

On arrival, please use the BLACK BARRIER gate. Please close the gate behind you. You will find the Dog Park on the right. Just follow the signposts.

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